MaxiFlow filters

Popular. High Performance. Easy to Use

Aqua Filter Services provides a wide range of easy to use MaxiFlow water filter systems. MaxiFlow systems use FIBRON high-performance carbon media and have been designed for high flow rate applications and are ideal for food service, commercial and residential applications.

MaxiFlow systems feature quick-change sanitary cartridge technology making the cartridge easy to change with the EZY IN/OUT ramp and eliminates handling of contaminated cartridges.

Systems are available to reduce sediment, chlorine, taste/odour, scale formation and also remove pesticides and parasitic cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

MaxiFlow COMBO filter cartridges also fit into Everpure QL1 filter heads

Multi cartridge systems are available for larger equipment and whole of kitchen applications.

We have a system that suits Perth !


  • Materials of construction: Food grade plastics and media
  • Temperature range: 4 – 40 deg C  ( not for use in hot water)
  • Pressure: 200 – 860 kPa
  • Use pressure limiting valve if maximum pressure may be exceeded
  • Flow rate: < 12 lpm
  • Filter cartridge change out frequency: When capacity reached or 12 months max
  • Inlet / Outlet : 3/8″ nptf or Quick Connect 3/8″ or custom
  • Plus install which includes all fittings valves and tube.
  • Works great on coffee machines also
  • Healthy great tasting water all year round

Parts & Accessories

  • AFSQCH43MHY: MaxiFlow head 3/8″ nptf
  • AFSQCH43MJY: MaxiFlow head 3/8″ quick connect
  • AFSMGHBK1: MaxiFlow head and bracket kit 3/8″ nptf
  • AFSMGHBKC3: MaxiFlow head and bracket kit 3/8″ bspm
  • AFSBT81P1: MaxiFlow bracket only

AFS Maxiflow Under sink Water Filter System Complete System from