TD 1.25 Boiling Billy Undersink Boiler, the perfect solution for the home, small office or workshop.

Instant hot water for coffee and tea and your fingertips. Comes with Solid brass swivel 1/4 lever tap handle or spring loaded tap handle. 

Pair it with the undersink Waterworks IC8 undersink chiller and the Ultimix Tap.  The convenience of chilled and boiled water from one tap.


* Supply only - does not include installation, filter or pressure limiting valve

Boiling Billy Undersink Boiler TD1.25

SKU: TD 1.25 Boiling Billy
    • 1.5 litre
    • 10-13 (200ml) cups of continuous hot water
    • 1.8 kw rating
    • must be installed with 350kPa pressure limiting valve
    • recommended for a water filter to be installed with this unit to prolong life of the unit
    • element controls temperature with built in computer
    • copper body comprises a storage tank and an expansion chamber
    • 35 mm mounting hole required for tap