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Aqua Filter Services is committed to providing a variety of quality products & services for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry. Take a look at what we currently have in stock, and get in touch to order or learn more. We come to you 6 days per week. Home - Office - Industry - Mining


Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Home & Office & Industrial & Mining

The AFS MaxiFlow undersink system is the best for Home & Office and all situations where pure water is required. The Afs Maxiflow system comes complete with all the pipe and various fittings , water filter , head bracket and multi - valve. Also comes with a stylish Quality chrome faucet. Upgrades are possible and these systems are fully installed from only $399 plus gst.


Water Cooler

Plumbed in water cooler complete with AFS Maxiflow water filter. Buy or Rent

The most reliable POU cooler on the market , Available in bench-top or floor standing ✓ Attaches directly to your water source ✓ Accommodates the AFS Maxiflow water filter ✓ Large integral reservoir (12 litres) ✓ Easily cleaned and sanitised ✓ Available as cool & cold, or hot & cold ✓ 36 Month Comprehensive Warranty


Bottled Water Coolers

Buy or rent from only $55 per month

Stylish high gloss white and stainless look cabinet ✓ Available in hot/cold or cool/cold ✓ Accommodates the Waterworks™ Self fill bottle and standard bottles ✓ 3.3L stainless steel cold tank ✓ Hygienic, easy to use push taps ✓ Hot water safety tap ✓ 3 year comprehensive warranty


Water Filter Servicing & Repairs 

We come to you 6 days per week from only $85

At Aqua Filter Services we care and will clean and cleanse, inspect and service your Water filter system to maintain the purity of your drinking water, and the lifespan of your equipment connected to the unit.

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Afs Maxiflow Water Filters

Top Seller

AFSMaxiFlow systems feature quick change sanitary cartridge technology.
QC3533PAFS. Quality system is great for all aspects of drinking water and coffee machines.

IC Undersink Chiller Range 20171029.jpg

Water Chiller Units

Under Sink and Remote 

Lead and copper free waterways ✓ 1.9 litre stainless steel chilling tank ✓ 8 Litres/hour cooling capacity ✓ Stainless steel internal waterways ✓ Powder coated corrosion resistant cabinet ✓ 8 cup initial drawoff volume ✓ Dual, fan assisted static condensers ✓ 3 year comprehensive warranty


Water Filter Faucets & Taps

Great looking Faucets & Taps

Chrome faucets and taps for all brands starting at only $110 installed.

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Under sink & Wall Water Boilers

Australian Boiling Billy

Original Under Sink Boiling Water Unit - Features at a glance

  • Four sizes to fit most requirements

  • 1.25L, 2.5L & 5L Models

  • Unit is located under the sink saving power and space

  • Solid Brass Australian made tap
    - rapid action 1/4 turn lever tap

  • Element controls temperature and boil dry protection

  • Simple installation and simple to service if required

  • No expensive pumps, solenoid valves or drainage required

  • AS 3500 spill tray not required up to 7 litres

  • 1 year warranty


Water Filter  Dirt & Sediment & Carbon ilters 

Various brands and styles supplied 

Dirt and Sediment filters are available in a range of lengths and diameters. Most standard size sediment filters are 2.5” in diameter which is around 63mm. The 2.5” filters are available in a range of lengths from 5”, 9″ with the most common standard size being 10”, also available are 20”, 30” and 40” sediment filters.
Larger Jumbo big blue sediment filters are called 4.5” diameter filters and measure around 112mm in diameter.

4 stage reverse osmosis system 2.jpg

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Highest form of water purification from $699 fully installed

Reverse Osmosis remove materials from the water, using a semipermeable membrane and pressure system. 
This type of water osmosis also removes minerals from the water, which may be required in various types of water purification process in commercial systems or for health reasons.


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