Water Coolers and Filters

Water Cooler Rental from $60 per month.

Price includes rental of water cooler, filters, installation and automatic 6 month servicing on a 36 month contract. 

No more to pay!

Various water cooler rentals are available on all types of water products including:

  • Freestanding POU Water Coolers

  • Water Bubblers

  • Self Fill Bottle coolers 

  • Bench Top Water Coolers

  • Under-sink chillers and boilers.

Contact us for a quote and terms of contract.

D25CH Freestanding Water Cooler - Black.jpg
D19C Freestanding Water Cooler - Black.jpg
B26CH Freestanding Bottle Water Cooler Hot and Cold - White.jpg
RM33 Blizzard Bubbler with glass filler.jpg
SD19CH Benchtop Water Cooler Hot and Cold - Black.jpg
D5CH Freestanding Water Cooler Hot & Cold.jpg
ic8 undersink chiller.jpg